Ceramic Metallic/Non-Metallic Rope, Tape, Cloth and Blanket

Product Description

Stoplik Style 16

Metallic Non-Metallic Rope, Tape, Cloth & Blanket

Eliminate Asbestos from Operations!


With growing awareness about health hazards and environment pollution as well as advent of ISO recognition, it is unbelievable to even think of using Asbestos Gland Packing.

STOPLIK introduces Asbestos free packing for High Temperature Application such as insulation of Pipe Line, Coke Oven Battery Door, Boiler Door, Blast Furnace, Refractories etc..



Non Asbestos Stoplik Style 16 is made up of special high temp. Alumino-Silicate fiber yarn. A unique combination of physical and refractory properties makes this an outstanding material for use in high temperature applications.

Bundles of this yarn are twisted together for a rope of desired round as well as square cross section.

STOPLIK STYLE 16 Specially developed for coke oven battery door, Boiler door, Blast furnace, Refractories applications with arduous conditions which requires proper sealing to eliminate losses of volatile materials which may catch fire when come in contact with air at High Temperature or to prevent heat loss.


Physical Properties:

Classification temperatures ——- 1260°C

Continuous Maximum Operating Temperature ——1175°C

Melting temperature —— >1600°C

Specific Heat Capacity at 1090°C——-1.13

Linear shrinkage —— 3% Max at 1200°C

Leachabel Chloride content —— < 10ppm

Specific gravity —— 2.65


Chemical Analysis : 

.Al2O3 —— 42-44%

.SiO2 —— 52-56%

.FeZo3 —— < 0.1

.TiO2 —— < 0.3

.ZrO2 ——- Nil


Properties :

♦ Stoplik Style 16 has  low thermal conductivity.
♦ Stoplik Style 16 is Light in weight.
♦ Stoplik Style 16 has Low Chloride content.
♦ Stoplik Style 16 is Completely inorganic and binder free.
♦ Stoplik Style 16 is Unaffected by alkalies or acids or solvents.
♦ Stoplik Style 16 has very high Di – Electric constant.
♦ Stoplik Style 16 has low thermal conductivity and low heat storage.
♦ Stoplik Style 16 has Excellent thermal stability.


Benifits of Stoplik Style 16 over Asbestos :

♦ Stoplik Style 16 is “Non Asbestos” Packing.
♦ Stoplik style 16 withstand more temp. as compared to Asbestos.
♦ Stoplik style 16 is safe for handling. (No asbestos is like effect associated with Asbestos Packing)
♦ Stoplik style 16 is light in weight.


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