In-Situ Mold HT Style SS 77 HT*

Product Description

*Covered under design patent number 178197


Composed of 100% lubricating carbonfiber, expanded graphite, high temperature and high pressure lubricants with proprietary high temperature and high pressure synthetic fibers.


High temperature and high pressure applications like reciprocating & centrifugal pumps, pressure vessels and valves, header valves of boilers etc…


Recommended where shaft is scored and equipment is working at high temperature and high pressure. The inherent drawback associated with using pure carbon fiber of flexible tape/rings requiring stem/shafts finish of minimum 32 RMS is successfully overcome using In-Situ Mold because you can use it even on pitted shaft/sleeve or valve stem/spindle.

Service Parameters

Temperature : 560°C                             pH range : 0-14

Shaft speed : 25m/s                                pressure : 425 kg/cm2


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