In-Situ Mold : Ideal Packing For Scored Shafts, Sleeves And Valve Stems !!

Product Description


Characteristics of In-Situ Mold : It flows in scored / shaft / stem and reduces wear. Regardless of size and shape of the stuffing box it forms itself to the configuration of the stuffing box by remolding itself. In-Situ Mold eliminates the need for stocking various sizes and types of gland packing. In-Situ Mold is highly recommended for application where equipment shut down causes critical conditions. In-Situ Mold stick packing is made of interlocking PTFE fibre which are inert and unaffected by acids, oils, alkalies, various alcohols, aviation gasoline or common solvents.


In-Situ Mold stick packing does not require any special tools or complicated application techniques. In-Situ Mold is available in 1/2″ equilateral triangle cross section x 2.1/2″ length sticks for easy handling.



Advantages of In-Situ Mold :

♦ Since it is in stick form, could be used with any size of Gland Packing.
♦ Being a soft and mouldable material, reduces wear and tear.
♦ Due to lubricating and fibrous material, it flows in the crevices / scoring.
♦ Only magic material in the world for scored and pitted valve stem / shaft / sleeve.
♦ In-Situ Mold reduces labour and down time resulting in additional savings.
♦ An ideal solution for inventory control.
♦ Emergency solution in non availability of exact size of gland packing.
♦ Can be used between existing damaged gland packing.


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