Stoplik Custom Built* Hollowcore Patented Reinforced Yarn Gland Packing

Product Description


Reinforced PTFE and PTFE / Graphite yarn braided over square hollow rubber core.


Agitator nutch filter, agitator reactor vessels, mixers, clinker grinder, etc. In chemical, drugs, dyes, pigments, pesticides, allied process industries and power stations etc.


Stoplik Hollow Core packing is specifically designed to reduce packing wear and shaft / sleeve wear in slow rotating equipments with excess shaft run-out. Stoplik Hollow Core packing resists gland follower load and excess run-out or whip in shaft. Gland adjustments and repacking are greatly reduced.


Months of in-plant testing have proved that Stoplik’s reinforced yarn packing with square hollow core will out last conventional packing in application associated with excessive shaft deflection on large shaft. Stoplik Hollow Core packing are offered as per the suitability of the application and service.

Service Parameters

Temperature : 190°C                             pH range : 0-14

Shaft speed : 5m/s to 13m/s                  Pressure : max 60 kg/cm2

*The packing is offered in size of 1/2″ and above.


Above image shows a worn-out sleeve due to use of conventional packing.


Advantages of Patented Reinforced Yarn Hollow Core Gland Packing:

♦ 100% custom built product.
♦ Rubber in the core provides recuperation, more than 95%.
♦ Excellent gland pressure transfer, more than 95%.
♦ Finger tightening of gland follower sealing, more than 98%.
♦ Packing length increases due to Hollow rubber core.
♦ Seals even in run out condition of shaft without damaging it.
♦ Resists gland follower load and excessive run out or whip in the shaft.


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