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Stoplik Hollow Core* Packing

Product Description

*Covered under Design Patent number 178195


Composed of braided PTFE/Graphite yarn with  corossion inhibitors & hollow core suitable for marine applications.


Stoplik Hollow core packings are specifically designed to reduce packing wear and journal wear in rotating equipments with excessive shaft run-out. Stoplik Hollow Core packing resist gland follower load or excessive run-out or whip in shaft. Gland adjustments and repacking are greatly reduced. Months of in-plant testing have proved that Stoplik’s quality braided packing with hollow core will outlast conventional packing in application associated with excessive shaft detection on large shaft. Stoplik Hollow Core packings are offered as per the suitability of ¬†applications and service.


The Packing is offered in sizes of 1/2″ and above.


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