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Stoplik Sealant Cord

Product Description


Stoplik Sealant Cord is a continuous PTFE cord with an adhesive backing that can be used in almost any gasket application. It is a soft, flexible fell and is extremely strong and durable.

Physical Property

Resistant to almost all chemicals (except free fluorine & molten alkali metals). Due to its soft, flexible properties, it handles curves / contours and pitting while the adhesive backing holds it securely in place. Stoplik Sealant Cord in place takes only minutes. Removal of the sealant is simple. The flanges pull apart easily and the sealant is removed with scrapping.


Recommended for all gasket applications including flange, valve, pump case, tank, heat exchanger, duct and compressor housing.

Service Parameters

Temperature : 260°C                          pH range : 0-14

Pressure : max 300 kg/cm2

Sizes available

Minimum packing is 1 spool ( 1 spool = 10 mtrs)

3 mm x 1.5 mm    5 mm x 2 mm     7 mm x 3 mm    10 mm x 3mm    12 mm x 4 mm

14 mm x 5 mm  17 mm x 6 mm   20 mm x 7 mm   20 mm x 10 mm  25 mm x 10 mm

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