Stoplik style 100

Product Description

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(Smart PTFE / Graphite Fiber Packing)


Stoplik Style 100 consists of PTFE, Graphite and high temperature lubricant combined to form a unique fibre to replace asbestos in braided pumps and valve packing.

Physical Property

Non-Abrasive withstands high shaft speed, black in colour and does not harden. The PTFE in SMART fibre packing is one of the most chemically resistant substance similar to Graphite. The high temperature lubricant is also very inactive & primarily aids in the initial break-in period, therefore packing can be used in most harsh chemical environments.


Recommended for water and chemical slurries, wood pulp, asphalt, black liquor, coal, paint even corrosive acid, energy supply, petrochemical plant, pharmaceutical plant, marine industry, chemical plant, food industry and many more.

Service Parameters

Temperature : 288°C (300°C Intermittent)   pH range : 0-14

Shaft speed : 25m/s                                Pressure : max 360 kg/cm2


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