Stoplik style 600

Product Description

(SMART PTFE / Graphite Yarn With Aramid Corners)


Stoplik Style 600 is Aramid fibre yarn packing with expanded PTFE Graphite fibre.

Physical Property

Combination of black SMART fibre with distinctive polyamide Aramid yellow fibre. This construction provides the strength of Aramid fibre along with heat dissipating and lubricating qualities of the SMART fibre.


Recommended for all acids, alkalies, paper mill applications, caustic soda, organic and inorganic solvents, salts, slurries or any service where strength and good lubricated qualities are required.

Service Parameters

Temperature : 260°C                             pH range : 3-12

Shaft speed : 16m/s                             Pressure : max 535 kg/cm2

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