Stoplik Style 8120

Product Description



Stoplik Style 8120 is non asbestos moldable putty. Stoplik Style 8120 is an ideal packing when shaft/ stem of valve has grooves/ scorings or pittings. Stoplik Style 8120 goes into the undulations and provides desired sealing. Stoplik Style 8120 is always to be sandwiched in between braided gland packings. Stoplik Style 8120 is available in different grades depending upon application. Stoplik Style 8120 is suitable for all types of Centrifugal / Vertical Pumps and valve Application.


[Available in sizes of Universal Putty]

Service Parameters

Temperature : 260°C                             pH range : 0-14

Shaft speed :

For White Putty 5 mtrs/Sec
For Black Putty 12 mtrs/Sec

Pressure : 80 kg/cm2

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