Welcome to Stoplik Service (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Stoplik is the world’s only manufacturer of recuperating yarn and non-compression Gland Packing & Fluid Sealing Products. The drive to provide solutions for leakage issues has helped Stoplik become a leader for manufacturing innovative non- compression Gland Packing’s & Fluid Sealing Products.
Stoplik Service (India) Pvt. Ltd was incorporated in 1986 and has its head office in Thane, Maharashtra, India. Stoplik has 15 offices and support offices and dealers in various states in India and South East Asia to cater to our clients.

Stoplik has three manufacturing units in Maharashtra where the entire process of manufacturing of gland packing is done indigenously. These three manufacturing units have been modernized over the years to meet the growing demands of requirements of our clients.From the very beginning Stoplik has been a pioneer in manufacturing excellent non asbestos gland packing’s that provide effective solutions to all stuffing box related leakage issues and much more.

Stoplik manufactures its own yarn used that is used to manufacture gland packing, this ensure quality of all products manufactured. At Stoplik we take pride in being a company that has been indigenous to even design machines that manufacture the gland packing.Stoplik’s Quality Assurance System was established by acquiring “ISO 9001: 2008” Certification. Our efforts have resulted in Stoplik being a company associated with providing excellent products for stuffing box leakage issues by major Industrial houses all over India.

Stoplik Gland Packing’s have outperformed competition and have been appreciated in the Nuclear, Marine, Shipping, Petroleum, Cement Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Pulp & Paper, Power Generation, Food & Beverage, Mining & Minerals, Transportation, Industrial, Water & Waste, Refrigeration, Automotive, and other segments of the Industry.

Our Mission
To provide a wide range of indigenously manufactured quality non asbestos gland packing’s and sealing products that provide effective solutions to stuffing box related leakages. Our focus is to continuously design new and improved products that perform in extreme working conditions and result in savings for all our clients.