Why Low/Zero Compression Patented Reinforced Yarn Gland Packing?

Difficulties Associated With Compression Gland Packing

♦ Frequent gland leakage.

♦ Frequent Tightening.

♦ Glazing and hardening of glands.

♦ Scoring of Shafts / sleeve.

♦ Loss of pressure / temperature.

♦ Increase in batch time.

♦ Loss of recovered gases / liquid.

♦ Lowering of yield / purity.

♦ High energy consumption.

♦ High labour / Maintenance costs.

As illustrated above, the outer two rings are over compressed & densified. They grab the shaft leading to excess heat generation, resulting in scoring of the sleeve. Free rotation of shaft is hindered putting a drag on the motor resulting in more energy consumption. Excess load on the motor can lead to burnouts.


Advantages of Patented Reinforced Yarn Gland Packing

♦ Individual Yarn is reinforced which provides enhanced recuperation to the gland packing.

♦ Due to recuperation the pressure transfer is almost equal.

♦ The sealing starts from innermost ring with bare minimum gland pressure.

♦ Damage to shaft/sleeve is reduced to an extent without increasing load on motor.

♦ Frequency of gland follower tightening is reduced by using reinforced yarn packing, thus reducing the maintenance.

♦ Reinforced yarn packing provides satisfactory performance for longer duration, thus down time & production loss is reduced remarkably.



As illustrated the above packing does not grab the shaft and does not solidify. The packing rings do not harden in service. The packing material is self lubricating, has extremely low coefficient of friction and exhibit excellent heat transfer characteristics. This results in unbelievable sealing performance.